"Life is much easier for me since Barbara became a member of Life Services. I feel relieved of so much worry. I know that I have done all that I can do for my child. It is time now to relax and enjoy the rest of my life.

Before Life Services came into being, I was constantly worried about Barbara's future. I didn't know how to set up my will so that Barbara would be taken care of after I am gone and I didn't know where to turn for good advice. I did have a lawyer and I did have a trust, with a bank as Barbara's trustee. However, I felt it was a very cold way of doing things. There was nothing else. I was uneasy about Barbara's future, but I did not know what to do about it.

When Les Park decided to establish Life Services, he invited me to meet with him and a group of caring and knowledgeable people to discuss the need for this type program. When we all agreed that his ideas were great and the program was badly needed, I was delighted. I went to several board meetings and my life, and Barbara's too, changed. The uneasiness slowly disappeared and a plan for Barbara's future gradually took shape.

Barbara and I feel more at peace now. We are delighted with the decision to join Life Services. We sleep better and worry less because we have faith in Life Services and feel sure that Barbara will be taken care of. And, Barbara has really grown as a result of Life Services. She has become a mature human being who makes her own decisions without asking me. Of course, you can't replace a mother, but Life Services is the next best thing to having me there to take care of Barbara.

It is wonderful to know that the life that Barbara now enjoys is a result of my efforts and the money that I invested on her behalf. I still have to pinch myself to make sure all this is true. I am happy when I realize that it is. The people at Life Services have proven to be caring and trustworthy friends."

- L.D., New York    
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I first came to the Life Services for the Handicapped in 1997. For two years I paid a yearly fee. Their services were so impressive that in 1999 I enrolled in the Lifetime Care Service Plan. Where I am today I would not be without their services. In July 2001 I entered the hospital unexpectedly. Life Services advocate, Karen Carpenter, took me to the hospital. She found respite services for my son, David. She even took my dog, Frisky, to the kennel.

Roz Brilliant, Executive Director, came down from New York to visit David in the respite home and verify that David was in a respite home with good living standards. She has made a point of coming to visit and help us in South Jersey no less than twice a year.

Karen and Roz are truly my angels!!! A respite home is temporary, usually two weeks. David was there for one year. This had an adverse effect on David because he could not make a permanent friend. With the three of us working together we were able to find suitable placement for David. The association he is with has homes in North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey. The only opening for David was in North Jersey, 165 miles from my home.

Now Roz, Karen and I are keeping in contact with the state supervisor hoping for an opening in South Jersey so that I can see David more frequently. It took the three of us (Roz, Karen and I) to make these events happen!!! As I said before I could not have done it alone.

- M.H., New Jersey    
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You do a great job…We knew that you knew what was going on, so we never worried.

- K.S., Louisiana    

It feels so good to finally be paving the way for a brighter future for our son.

- S.S., New York    

My husband and I thank you for doing your job so well. You have made a difficult situation easier to bear. Your kindness and true caring shines through.

- J.G., New Jersey    

My health is failing and I am very worried about my son. At least I know that I have done everything I can to protect him in the future. Thank you.

- C.R., California    

Thank you for being there for Michael.

- J.K., Chicago    
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