Education and Planning

Life Services carries out a broad educational program on lifetime planning and care for families of persons with disabilities and those who serve them. Information is disseminated through meetings and seminars, printed reports and articles, and the national distribution of a publication, LifeLines.

Partnership organizations throughout the country, primarily local non-profit agencies, are enlisted in an effort to make parents of disabled children conscious of the critical need to make long-term plans for their children's future.

The clear objective of the organization is to help families do sensible planning for and with their disabled sons or daughters, anticipating the time when their families will no longer be here to help them. Using the Planning Journal, families record vital, irreplaceable and personal information about the person with a disability and detailed instructions so that future caregivers may provide appropriate care.

The planning period includes creating or identifying an asset to pass on to the disabled family member, as well as having a well thought out program plan to benefit him or her upon the death of his or her parents.

Families pay a one-time membership fee and begin a yearlong planning process, with a local Personal Advocate selected by the organization and approved by the family.
The Advocate helps the family complete the Planning Journal while becoming well acquainted with the person with a disability and the family.

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