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Southeast Regional Office Opens

Reflecting the continuing growth of Life Services, the first regional office of the organization opened in Florida on January 1st. Richard Stimson, the founder and director of The Special Gathering, is serving as the director of our new office, which is located at 921 Rockledge Drive, Rockledge, Florida.

Managing Our Money—Life Services Investments

Beginning in the fall of 2003, we engaged Legg-Mason Wood Walker as our investment manager. This highly rated investment firm, currently used by more than 400 non-profit organizations, invests our Non-Restricted Funds according to standards established by the Finance Committee of the organization...

15th Anniversary Luncheon

It was the fall of 1988 when Life Services began activities as a national non-profit organization, operating out of the New York offices of Rehabilitation International. On November 14, 2003, fifteen years later, 114 people gathered in the Sky Lobby of the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel for a gala luncheon to celebrate this 15th anniversary...

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