Getting Started

To enroll in the program, families or individuals pay a one-time membership fee.

A Life Services membership entitles a family to begin the planning process, which generally takes a year or more. During this time, Life Services works to build a close relationship with the person with a disability and family and, with their approval, carefully selects the Personal Advocate, a well-trained individual who will get to know the person with a disability and family and help them begin the process of long-term planning.

When the planning phase is completed, that is, when the family has recorded all of the information needed to meet the future special needs of the person with a disability in the Planning Journal, they will have a "blueprint" for the time when the family is no longer be able to provide care.

In addition to the "life plan," financial and legal plans will be developed. Life Services will assist families in determining how they will fund the lifetime (future) care program with their available resources and "legalize" the program by creating the documents needed to protect the well-being of the individual with a disability. This plan may be implemented immediately or upon the death or incapacity of the parents or primary caregiver(s).

For more information on enrollment please call (800) 995-0066 or send an email to

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